Climbing and Mountaineering activities which include technical rock, snow, and ice climbing and general mountaineering, combine many unique opportunities and choices to experience individual freedom and self-determination in our natural environment. An essential element of this expression of freedom through climbing and mountaineering is the acceptance of the many risks and dangers that are inherent in and integral to these activities.

The exercise of good judgment and common sense can help reduce the risks. The proper use of climbing equipment can also help reduce these risks. However, such risks and dangers cannot be totally eliminated, even with the proper use of climbing equipment. By the purchase and use of climbing equipment and your participation in climbing and mountaineering activities, you are personally accepting full responsibility for all of the inherent risks of these activities, including without limitation the risk of injury or death.

We recommend that you take the time to learn the proper use and limitations of each individual piece of climbing equipment. Obtain personal instruction from a qualified person well versed in the appropriate techniques that may help reduce the risks of these activities.

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