Information for consumers on the design, use,
maintenance and lmitations of


1. While in use
Sleeping bags are made to be stuffed hundreds of times without damage.Improper stuffing, however, may shorten the life of your bag. Use a larger stuff sack if space is not your primary consideration. Recognize that frequent use of compression sacks will take a toll on the loft of the bag.

2. While in storage (air bag after use)
Store your bag in a cool, dry place that has a fairly constant temperature. Never store your bag compressed for long periods of time. Bags should be hung or stored in a large, breathable storage sack or pillowcase. Do not expose your bag to sunlight for long periods as UV radiation can degrade the nylon.

3. Cleaning your sleeping bag
Body oils, hair oils, lotions, and cosmetics are all acidic and will cause down or synthetic insulation to decompose and lose itís loft. A bag should be cleaned when it has begun to lose loft or becomes discolored due to oil accumulation.
It is best to wash your bag yourself or take your bag to a professional laundry experienced with down or synthetic insulated products. If no care instructions exist, hand wash or use a front loading machine without an agitator.

Optimize performance

(a) Revitalize in home dryer before trip
It is not a bad idea to put your bag into a dryer set to low heat before leaving on a trip. The tumbling will reloft the bag and at the same time, the heat will drive out any moisture that may have accumulated during storage. This works for both down and synthetic sleeping bags.
(b)Keeping your bag clean
By keeping your bag clean its loft will be maintained. Using a ground cloth under your bag will protect the shell from abrasion, dirt and ground moisture.

4. Drying in field
During use in the field it is important to air dry you bag during the day. This will dry out and remove perspiration that may have accumulated during the night. The bag should be turned inside out and exposed to a moderate amount of sunlight and plenty of moving air.

Bags deteriorate over time

Be aware of a sleeping bags life expectancy. Shell fabrics and insulation deteriorate over time at different rates. Exposure to UV radiation may speed up some deterioration. Washing a sleeping bag may improve loft.

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