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You will have to consider price, temperature range, weight, size, water resistance, durability, and compressibility as well as, zipper placement, compatibility with other bags, and even the feel of the fabric. Carefully determine your needs. But be realistic about how you will use your bag. You probably will never find a bag that meets all your needs and wants, so first decide where you will not compromise and where you can.

1. Time/range/ environment/Multi-Season range of use
Carefully consider the temperature range to be covered. If the range is wider than any bag can cover, you need to decide which end of the range is most important to you. Buy the bag for the weather you will MOST often encounter. You may be able to add extra clothing, use a bag liner, a vest, or an over bag, to extend the range of your bag. That will save you expense, spare you carrying extra weight, and keep you from sweating on warm nights. There are currently NO accepted standards between manufacturers for rating a bag in degrees. Part of the problem is that everyone has their own metabolic rate.

2. Type of Camping
Car camping :- Weight and volume aren’t really an issue. The bag of choice could be a rectangular or mummy bag.
Backpacking :- Lightweight and low volume would be important. A mummy style bag would be most practical.
Bicycle camping :- Lightweight and low volume would be important. A mummy style bag would be most practical.
Kayak or canoe camping :- Low volume for storage, usually inside a dry bag.

3. Size and Shape
Mummy bags are the most efficient and available in wide girths so that you do not have to be squeezed in a mummy bag. People who Car camp or use a sleeping bag to double as a quilt should consider a rectangular bag or a full opening zipper mummy bag.

4. Warranty
Look for a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship for an indication that the manufacturer believes in the quality of its products. But recognize that “Lifetime” will usually apply to the product

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