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For past many years we have been trying to make sense of temperature ratings for sleeping bags. Our purpose is to help our consumers make wise selections when they buy sleeping bags. It is important to understand the function of the features that are built into a bag and your body condition when using the bag for a comfortable night. By understanding how these features work then you can decide which sleeping bag you need. Features that are useful for colder temperatures may have no place in a summer weight bag. Bags that are “versatile” compromising in other areas.

What do temperature ratings really mean?
Buyer must understand that the ratings given by us or any other manufacturer are conditional. They need to understand all the factors involved for keeping warm. The bag is only an insulator, not a heat generator and we can only estimate the temperature rating of a bag .As a shopper you must carefully evaluate your own metabolism (the chemical processes necessary for essential body functions) and tolerance of cold. You must decide how much margin to leave for nights you are hungry, wet, sick, injured, exhausted, disheartened, or caught without a tent. In this conditions when a person is not fit may not get a warm sleep even in high rated sleeping bag then required one for that place.

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