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1.  Camping Tips
2.  Tent Care
3.  How to Pitch a Tent

 Camping Tips

When camping , try to choose a sheltered flat spot, away from obvious lines of flowing water, clearing away any sharp objects before pitching.
Always ensure ,that the tent fabric is taut to avoid flapping, which is extreme case can cause the fabric to rip.
Ensure ,that all the pegs are in firm ground. Never place your stove, campfire or other flame source in or near your tent.
Maintain ,adequate ventilation inside your tent at all times.
Try to ,clean and dry before packaging the tent after camping.

 Tent Care

Wash, the tent with warm water and use mild soap, do not bleach, a thorough washing should remove mildew and dirt and may also improve the running of the zips etc.
Always ,dry out thoroughly before carefully repackaging and store, out of direct sunlight and without exposure of extremes of temperature.

 How to Pitch a Tent

1. Open ,tents inner and spread ground sheet evenly.
2. Fix, pegs on the entire corner tie loops.
3. Open ,vertical and ridge tent poles, remember both vertical poles have to be fixed from outside of the Tent.
4. Inner ,tent, which is stitched with the ground sheet, is provided with eyelid loops on both the ends. After fixing vertical poles on both the ends fix ridgepole. Open cords, which are attached with cord stoppers, fix all the cords of both sides using pegs/ nails and pull it to remove slack on Inner tent fabric.
5.finally, cover the inner tent with tent fly sheet keeping short extension end over the gate side. Remember to fix fly tie loops a bit away from tent Inner using another pegs for Fly, other wise if rains, the water may come inside the tent. Keep the fly and inner tent tight enough so there is no slack in fabric.

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